Torres Strait AGL Maintenance program to 5 Islands April 2021

September, 2021

AGL Control Cubicle Tests and Checks – Correct system operation, status of components (corrosion, operation), replacing corrosion vapor inhibitors after 2 years, electrical safety tests as per AS3000, testing Automatic Transfer Switch operation for the backup generator

Back up diesel generator – Testing electrical output, testing correct operation and correct response to the control signals from the control system

Pit and Duct – Checking the status/cleaning the pits, greasing the bolt, replacing any damaged bolts (lawnmower), replacing weed mat pit surround

Light fittings – Greasing all the bolts and screws, cleaning lenses, levelling lights, replacing any damaged/nonoperational lights and damaged bolts and screws, testing the correct operation of the lights

Primary cable – Testing continuity and insulation resistance of the primary cable, rectification works to improve the readings, and PAL – Testing correct operation of the PAL and its interface with the control system

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