Cairns Airport Taxiway A & C Lighting Upgrade

May, 2023

The scope of this project includes all works associated with the replacement and installation of new taxiway lighting on Taxiways A and C and Installation of new cabling systems within a new/extended pit and duct system.

The location of the works will commence in June, 2023 and is located at Cairns Airport, approximately 5.5 km from the Central Business District of Cairns, Queensland.

Avionics are proud to provide supply and installation of.

  • AGL taxiway lights
  • Primary and Secondary cables
  • Series Isolating Transformers (SITs)
  • Airfield lighting cable joints
  • Cable pits, markers, and conduits
  • Labelling, testing and commissioning of airfield lighting systems
  • Testing and commissioning of the complete systems including certification

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