RMAF Butterworth Infrastructure Project

Avionics together with Malaysian Tier One Contractor Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd has secured a contract from Australian Department of Defence to redevelop military facilities at the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Base Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia. The budget of the project is $AUD70M and firmly establishes Avionics in the South East Asia Region.

One of Malaysia’s ageing air bases will be upgraded under a multi-million-dollar defence program announced on August 8, 2022.

Defence plans to spend $60-70 million upgrading and refurbishing Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Base, Butterworth. The project includes remediation work to the base’s single runway, replacement of various taxiways and thresholds, as well as upgrades to various shared-use facilities. 

RMAF Butterworth is home to several Australian Defence Force (ADF) units, based out of leased facilities, including No. 19 Squadron RAAF, No 92 Wing Detachment Alpha RAAF, and Rifle Company Butterworth. The base is also the headquarters of the Five Powers Defence Arrangements (FPDA) integrated air defence system, various RMAF units, and regularly supports ADF operations throughout Southeast Asia, in particular, Operation Gateway. 

The project will “advance cooperation between the Australian and Malaysian governments through investment and joint operations”.

The project is divided into two separate sections, split between the Australian leased facilities and Malaysian facilities.

Upgrades to the Australian section are mainly to replace and remediate ageing infrastructure, including the base drainage, water and sewerage system. Firefighting equipment around the base, but specifically in hangars 50 and 51, will also be relocated and upgraded to better support firefighters in the event of an emergency. The base’s ageing copper cables will be upgraded, to support operational information and communications technology (ICT) requirements.

The proposed redevelopment of the Malaysian facilities is far more comprehensive. The airbase's runway will be repaired, with several potholes patched. The runway threshold will be replaced entirely with newly built sections, as will all of the base's taxiways. Markings across the entire airfield will also be redone. In addition, the facilities' aeronautical ground lighting will be comprehensively overhauled, bringing it up to modern standards. 

Base security will also be upgraded through the project. The base's perimeter fencing will be entirely replaced and a newly paved access road created. New fencing will also be installed within the base, bordering technical areas.

The base’s exercise building will also be refurbished, with an outdoor area closed in and airflow improved. Two sports grounds, a Futsal Court and Rugby Pitch will be comprehensively redeveloped through the project.

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