The Elecvis AFRU / PAALC unit has been designed to meet the requirements of
MOS139 and can configured to operate as either:

  • Pilot Activated Airfield Lighting Control (PAALC) only.
  • Automatic Frequency Response Unit (AFRU) only.
  • Or both functions at the same time

Additional information

Extended Product Information

External Connections

All connections to the PAALC/AFRU are made on the rear panel.
These are;

  1. Mains power input 240VAC
  2. Antenna connection
  3. Thorn Legacy 15 pin “D” socket. This socket allows direct change over with older Thorn PAALC/AFRU equipment.
External Connections cont.

23 way 5.08mm plug terminal strip made up of

  • 3 way input terminal
  • 6 way input terminal
  • 4 way Runway/IWI output control
  • 8 way PAPI output control and Ambient light sensor
  • 2 way 12volt auxiliary output

These connectors offer much easier field connection compared with the Thorn “D” connector via screw terminal plugs.

The fuse holder mounted on the rear panel protects the auxiliary power available at the terminal strip and on pins 1 &2 of the 15 D connector. The fuse is rated at 1amp and is a 205 style slow blow. This 12 volt supply is available for the user to power the inputs and outputs to the PAALC. Please refer to the drawings in the installation section of this document.

Touch Screen Controls

Start Up Screen
The start up screen is a summary of the current status of the PAALC , AFRU and Power.

This screen is currently showing the PAALC status.

Touch Screen Controls cont.

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